Stories at Easy Classes

Message from the Founder

This initiative has gradually become our flagship project, a perfect mix of us, a sustainable volunteering effort creating social impact on the grassroots. At Easy Classes, we work with children living in slums, primarily in Delhi, after working for a decade with activities across the nation we decided to concentrate our efforts in the capital city of India. It is an amazing story how it came into being, it started as an informal discussion with associates of iCFDR to develop a program for underprivileged kids. It picked up from there and is continuously gaining momentum and growing. The kids from slums keep us smiling and the Easy Classes program keeps us on our toes. Over the years we have experimented with a few formats and the project has been evolving and improving.. We plan to increase our reach in slums of Delhi, add more classes, connect with more childrens and be a ray of hope in their life. This message would be incomplete without acknowledging immense hard work and dedication of our team, associates, volunteers, interns and supporters. It is because of this constant support and motivation that we have been able to become a platform for grassroot social work and change. Thank you all.

Regards, Ravindra Vikram