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Easy Classes is a project of iCFDR aimed at mentoring children living in the slums of Delhi. Life in slums is hard, lack of basic amenities, temporary roof, financially struggling parents, lack of school, unhygienic conditions, these children have limited access to hope. iCFDR brings learning to their doorsteps to ensure these children don’t lose hope of a better future. Easy Classes positively impact the life of these kids by guiding them to think big creatively.

Easy Classes are regular fun cum learning activities sessions for these young children at impressionable age. A session includes full immersion with the children including storytelling, helping them with homework, and activity based learning. Our team of associates conducts these informal sessions of teaching, playing games, craft etc. The objectives of the project include academic learning, life skills coaching, counselling, and monitoring progress.

The structure of the Easy Classes sessions is fluid but focussed. We operate in the very location where these kids live. We not only engage with them but through them with their families as well. By making them realize they have a chance to build a well-rounded personality, motivate them to explore their potential and guide them to turn around their life. These Classes help kids boost their confidence and empower them to work hard to break the vicious circle of daily struggle. Easy Classes is also covered up for lack of proper parenting in economically backward slums in Delhi. In the long term, the Easy Classes might not only change the lives of these children but also the future of the families and the community.
The target areas for the Easy Classes are micro slums in Delhi. We work towards the holistic development of the children and not just rote learning so that they become successful upright human beings. Easy Classes develops an emotional connection with each child, each one has his or her own story. This is for them to dream, light up their eyes and make them smile bright. This all is an effort to make sure that dreams never die out.

iCFDR is a Delhi based social organisation, so it comes naturally to have its flagship project concentrated in Delhi. The NGO with its team of associates and volunteers is currently conducting these learning sessions in two slums of South Delhi. In near future we plan to extend to 10 more similar slum locations in New Delhi. However, Easy Classes are also operational in two other cities, Dehradun and Bareilly.
The key takeaway for associates, volunteers and supporters, beyond building empathy and happiness which comes out of giving, is also to take ownership of the community and contribute effortlessly for a better society. It is a two way learning process, children get to gain from associates and associates keep learning new skills while helping them. It is a chance to earn certificates, contribute to society, make a good Samaritan your friends and lead this voluntary organization. Do you want to start your journey to grow yourself while mentoring, join here.

What our Leaders say

Organizing Team

We are team of high potential professionals, college goers committed to change the society, who saw what was happening and decided they can’t just watch from the side-lines. We all come from different walks of life, follow different career paths but the one thing that brings us together and drives us to move forward is our passion for helping these kids and doing the best we can to give them a chance to show the world what they are made of. More than just sticks and bones for sure, we assure you.

Easy Classes Advisory Board

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